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Preparing the next generation of technicians to meet the expectations of a highly technological workforce can be a challenge for educators. Often, the demands of teaching within a set curriculum prevent educators from broadening their students' knowledge of workplace requirements because they, themselves, are unfamiliar with those expectations. By exposing educators to business/industry environments, whether it be through educator externships, company visits, visiting lecturer or collaborative work-based projects in the classroom, educators are given the opportunity to infuse some excitement into their classroom(s). Educators who participate in these kinds of professional development programs have an opportunity to not only engage their students in more active learning experiences, but to become part of those experiences themselves. 

RCNGM Programs & Activities

  • Educator Externships

  • High School Counselor Workshops

  • Company Visits/Visiting Lecturer

  • Collaborative work-based classroom projects

  • Opportunities for Professional Certifications


“The most useful part of my externship was getting to see a hands on approach to manufacturing. Learning from workers that have been in the industry for years and have seen the evolution of the processes from manual to robot/computer controlled. I also enjoyed seeing the side of innovation by the implementation of 21st century problem solvers”.
— Stephen Bornhoeft, Montville High School


Since 2005, the RCNGM Educator Externship Program has brought high school, community college and university educators into the workplace for four weeks during the summer so that they can experience for themselves problem based learning in the manufacturing industry. The COT-RCNGM is dedicated to helping educators prepare students for the workforce of the future through exposure to industry technologies and practices that they might not otherwise have.

Not only do these externships give teachers a greater understanding of advanced manufacturing today, but ideally, the program gives added value to participating employers. Through this collaboration, industry representatives have an opportunity to exchange ideas and make a direct impact on how teachers are preparing their students for the workforce.

Bringing relevancy into the classroom and updating educators’ skills have been critical goals of the Educator Externship Program. Following their onsite externship experience, externs develop work-based learning curriculum projects that reflect what they learn during their externship. Once these projects are implemented, externs are expected to submit a summary report reflecting results of the implementation of the curriculum projects, impact on student learning, and the teachers’ own experiences working at their host companies.

The externship program is administered by The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) Education & Workforce Partnership on behalf of the COT-RCNGM. A total of ten educators participate in externships at a manufacturing company tailored to their specific professional development needs each summer.

High School Counselor Workshops

Encouraging school counselors to introduce students to the idea that manufacturing offers rewarding and upwardly mobile career paths is a goal of the RCNGM. The workshops were designed to give counselors a realistic view of where manufacturing is today and to give them the opportunity to interact with manufacturers. The agendas included a showing of the RCNGM Manufacture Your Future DVDs, overviews of the COT programs, presentations by employers, including young professionals who shared their career stories, and presentations from professors at the respective colleges, giving information about their manufacturing and engineering programs. 


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Opportunities for Professional Certifications

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